When I first started Health Kitchen by BB, I saw the need for desserts that were actually healthy and there I was, in a domestic kitchen, making sure that every ingredient screams ‘HEALTH’ without any compromise on the taste!

Bonus: These healthy babies actually turned out delicious!

The need to have seriously healthy desserts that one could enjoy every day was established throughout my journey. But, I noticed I started spending more time talking about ‘What I Do’, ‘Why I do’ and ‘How can everyone benefit from it’.

This had me realise the lack of proper dietary concepts, and the vague representation of various diets like Keto, Vegan, Paleo etc. In today’s age, anything can be deemed healthy by brands for trending popularity. It was only vital to involve dietary experts to curate the best possible healthy menu for various lifestyles.

At Talk Healthy To Me, not only do we deliver nutritious snacks and scrumptious desserts at your doorstep, but we also help you choose which lifestyle best suits YOU along with a nutritional meal plan to go with it.