5 Books On Food Everyone Should Read

by Ankush Pahuja on August 11, 2021

Five books that are compact and jammed with adequate knowledge about food, nutrition, diets and everything you need to know about healthy eating.

1. Fat For Fuel — written by Dr. Joseph Mercola

“Your waist size is such an important predictor of health because the type of fat that is stored around your waistline — called “visceral fat” or “belly fat” — is related to the release of proteins and hormones that cause inflammation.”

— Joseph Mercola.

For centuries you have been made to believe that you cannot control your body. Dr. Mercola’s book ‘Fat for Fuel’ points out that healthy eating gives you the remote to your mind and body.

The book ‘Fat for Fuel’ educates and guides you on how to take care of your body by providing it with a proper diet. The majority of diseases in your body are created by poor metabolic processes. The book stresses the importance of the ketogenic/low-carb diet. The diet has the power to enhance mental power, fight off cancer and increase the level of energy in your body.

The low carb, high fat and moderate protein diet help in improving your metabolic health. When you consume high amounts of carbohydrates, free radicals are generated in your body. These free radicals cause damage to your mitochondria. On the other hand, when you follow a keto diet, your body generates ketones. Ketones help in partially shielding the mitochondria by minimizing the production of free radicals. This uncommon program is named MMT(Mitochondrial Metabolic Therapy). This novel program also focuses on at-home ketones and blood sugar tests, periodic fasting and the application of food-weight scales.

2. Salt Sugar Fat — written by Michael Moss

If you prefer sugar and salt-laden food from your favorite takeaway over a home-cooked meal, this book needs your attention right away. Michael Moss’s book is divided into four parts, ‘The Rise of the Processed Food Industry’, followed by ‘sugar’, ‘fat’ and ‘salt’.

At the end of this book, Moss has discussed the dilemmas in America surrounding sugar, fat and salt. Moss investigated, interviewed and peered into the giant food companies, their insiders and CEOs for three and a half years. What he found out was rather shocking. These giants see you as ‘heavy users’ and not as ‘buyers’, they’re just trying to please their shareholders. Moss explains why you have an uncontrollable and consistent addiction to fast food. The three key ingredients salt, sugar and fat are combined in their products in such a way that it reaches your brain’s pleasure points.

The food industry precisely knows the formula that is required to “send consumers over the moon” and establish a “bliss point”. The book depends heavily on accounts and interviews with insiders from the industry. This investigation helps you take a closer view of the food industry. The book will help you understand why you fail to give up on processed food and how the industry has been ‘using you’ to upsell its commodities.

3. Mind and Gut Connection — written by Emeran Mayer, MD

The Mind and Gut connection illustrates the tangled and vital connection between the mind and the digestive system. In your intestines, a community of 100 trillion microbes exist. Dr. Emeran Mayer in his book The Mind and Gut connection explains how these microscopic organisms become part of the exchange linking the brain and the gut.

Dr. Mayer has been investigating the intricate link between the mind and the body for 30 years. Most people think of the gut as a mechanism that helps in food transportation and absorption. But the truth is they are a community in themselves, that signals your entire being and immune system. You will find the gut being referred to as the ‘little brain’ in the book because it has its nervous system.

This book makes you conscious of how you can take charge of this connection and use it to benefit your overall well-being. Serotonin, an essential hormone in your body, helps in stabilizing your appetite, mood, digestion, eating, sleeping and overall well-being. The gut is the largest warehouse of this hormone. He further explains in depth why a diet that is good for your gut microbes is also most suitable for your brain’s well-being and how to understand your gut and be attentive to the signs your body is sending you. You’ll find a stepwise guide to optimize your health.

4. The Diabetes Code — written by Dr. Jason Fung

Dr. Jason Fung had earlier written a book named The Obesity Code, which was highly praised by the readers. The Diabetes Code is another such book that I highly recommend if you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle or are someone concerned about the rise in chronic type 2 diabetes.

What you eat today banks on your body and promotes certain chronic diseases. Dr. Fung suggests each one of us get rid of sugar and follow a low carb, high ‘natural fat’ diet. Nowadays, most physicians, dietitians, and even diabetes experts think of type 2 diabetes as a constant and increasing disease with no end to it. In reality, as the book reveals, the rise in type 2 diabetes can be stopped and reversed if a proper regime is followed.

The readers are also made aware of why current methods to cure type 2 diabetes that are focused on insulin and other blood-sugar-lowering medications can elevate the problem which might be the reason for several other diseases such as weight gain and heart-related complications. He argues that the only way to fight and prevent type 2 diabetes is intermittent fasting accompanied by proper dieting instead of medications and hard drugs.

This book gives a ray of hope to anyone who is diabetic or pre-diabetic. Remember, diabetes eats your body up from the inside. Do not be ignorant about it!

5. Food: WTF Should I Eat? — Dr. Mark Hyman

Comprehensive, lucid and impactful are the three words that define this book by Dr. Mark Hyman. This book holds all the recent information about food and nutrition that you are looking for out there.

If you are confused about what diet to follow, how much to consume, and what needs to be eliminated from your diet, this is your holy grail. What you eat matters as foods have healing as well as destructive properties. But to follow a healthy lifestyle you need not take the difficult road.

Every food group has been explained in detail by Dr. Hyman. He explains which foods are healthy for the body and which ones are toxic. The book is like a friend that guides you when something goes wrong in life.

This book doesn’t have complicated formulas and broad terms, but is rather easy to grasp even at a beginner’s level.

The best part is that each chapter ends with a summary that makes it easier to understand the whole gist in a nutshell. You’ll even find several recipes that are healthy, wholesome, and delightful.

So put down your fiction and pick up books that’ll give plenty of benefits and heal you from within!